Personnel Tracking Solution


Personnel Tracking and Lone Worker Monitoring

Solara offers premiere portable solutions to tracking individuals, with monitoring conducted through a simple on-line Web map and table interface.

Solara offers a unique combination of capabilities, portability and competitive cost for aviation users.

Lone Worker Case Study

Personned Tracking and Lone Worker Monitoring Benefits

  • Portable solutions ensure people area safe by allowing you to track and monitor any personnel traveling anywhere on earth through the Iridium Satellite system - mountains, the high north, Antarctica, or on the oceans.
  • One device is adaptable to many uses: ideal for lone workers, backpackers, forest firefighters, mountianeers and adventurers.
  • Know quickly what the situation is: transmissions are received within seconds of transmittal.
  • The security of two-way communication ensures every message is confirmed as sent and received. Key unit parameters can be changed remotely over-the-air through the Web site interface.
  • Gain situational awareness where you need regular positions of deployed personnel, such as in fighting forest fires, cross-country racing and distaster assistance response.
  • As a portable device, the Field Tracker 2100 and Field Tracker 2000 may be used in civilan aircraft in Canada when used in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) 602.08. So pilors may choose to allow forest fire fighters moving by aircraft to leave trackers on, or to have a tracker transferred to an aircraft for mobile use at the discretion of the pilot.

Features to keep you running:

  • Operates on rechargeable internal batteries.
  • Long battery life - unit uses latest low-power techniques.
  • Solara designs and builds the Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 in Canada, allowing for the capability to design and implement hardware to your special requests, if required.
  • Simple operation - one switch to activate. The Tracker then automatically transmits position at the user-set interval. The interval can be set remotely through the Web interface.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Tough military spec MIL-STD-810G construction for years of reliability even with rough handling.
  • All encompassing or 1 year warranty.