Off-road and Marine Tracking


Solara offers premiere and budget solutions to tracking off-road vehicles, including canoes, boats, power boats and marine vessels. Monitoring is conducted through a simple on-line Web map and table interface.

  • All hardware is housed in shock-resistant and waterproof cases.
  • Units can be externally powered, with backup battery, or run exclusively on battery power.
  • The system's transmissions can be set up with interval times that range from seconds to an hour. The budget system may delay up to 1 hour.
  • Two-way communication ensures every message is confirmed as sent and received. Key unit parameters for either system can be changed remotely through the Web site interface.
  • Flexible mounting options are ideal for all-terrain vehicles, quads, snowmobiles, canoes and small boats.
  • For large commercial marine applications, customer configurations, including text messaging with a console, marine navigation standard compliance, and other options are available.
  • Choice of all-in-one construction with integrated antenna or external antenna mounting.
  • Gain situational awareness where you need regular positions of deployed personnel on off-road vehicles, such as in fighting forest fires, forestry and Parks workers and distaster assistance response personnel.
  • Keep track of the location of rental vehicles.
  • Fishing camps, outfitters and rental outlets generate extra revenue by offering tracking and notification messaging as an additional saftety option, or included feature. All units are built tough to take the rigours of repeated commercial use.

The Solara Field Tracker 2100 or 2000, using the Iridium satellite sytem, are well suited to off-road and marine tracking. Benefits include:

  • The Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 can be configured for your mounting requirements.
  • Operates on rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Long battery life - unit uses latest low-power techniques.
  • Solara designs and builds the Solara Field Trackers 2100 and 2000 in Canada, allowing for the capability to design and implement hardware to your special requirements if required.
  • Tough construction for years of reliability even with rough handling.
  • Warranty, all encompassing 1 year period.