Solara GroomSafe™

Eighteen months in development and over a year of field operations has proven the Solara GroomSafe™ Snow Grooming Management Solution. The system consists of rugged portable 2-way satellite communicators with GPS tracking and a comprehensive on-line mapping and trip management system. Here is a brief video overview on how you would use it in a snowmobile trail groomer.


Equipping your groomers with our cost-effective solution provides many benefits:

  • The only purpose-built snow grooming system for both snowmobile trail and ski hill grooming management.
  • Full compliant with Provincial and State lone and isolated worker regulations and requirements.
  • Simple operation gives precise distances covered for each grooming run.
  • Two-way text messaging with external keypad, plus custom pre-programmed messages can be set for your particular operation. Have operators quickly indicate drag type, hazard type and other information with a few key presses.
  • Units can be externally powered, externally powered with backup battery, or run exclusively on internal battery power.
  • Remote managment of unit transmission intervals are of 30 seconds to hours for flexible operation.
  • Mounting options for in-cab or direct groomer or snowmobile mounting using the RAM mount system.
  • Third-party safety monitoring options available.
  • Choice of all-in-one construction with integrated antenna or external antenna mounting.
  • Optional leasing arrangements for payments over time are easy on the budget.
  • Know where your groomers are and use the onlime maps to know which areas are complete. Have past history of GPS positions displayable in Google Earth.