Solara offers a unique combination of capabilities, portability and competitive cost for aviation users.

Aviation Case Studies

Aviation Benefits

  • Portable solution gives you cost-effecitve tracking and the ability to send and receive text messages in a package that can be transferred between aircraft.
  • Save on installation costs. As a portable device, the Field Tracker 2000 or Field Tracker 2100 may be used in civilan aircraft in Canada when used in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) 602.08. Similar regulations are in force around the world, check with your local authorities.
  • The internal batteries are safe in the cockpit. Non-flammable nickel metal hydryde internal battery last about 20 hours in real-world conditions with position transmissions every minute. Battery can be charged and unit supplied with external power from a 12V or 24V accessory plug.
  • Emergency switch to supplement ELT operation in an emergency with extra GPS position reports. Manually activate to produce a steady stream of position reports. Communicate by 2-way text to tell others of the situation and receive information and acknowledgement from them.
  • Two-way communication ensures every message is confirmed as sent and received. Key unit parameters can be changed remotely over-the-air through the Web site interface.
  • Solara Solace server system is compatible with CIFFC wildfire secure XML protocol for use with government wildfire fighting logistics coordination systems.
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810G certified device survives 70G impact tests and is waterproof for use in back-country areas. Case is FAR 82.853 rated polycarbonate for aircraft cabin fire resistance.
  • Save fuel cost and flying time by offering clients a tracking/communication device when dropping them off at remote locations. This ensures you know where they are when you go to pick them up.